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 Container Securing Systems


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To insure the security of cargo and convenience of operation, we can provide professionals proposal at the early stage of ship designing.  It will be good for ship designing to consider the security in advance.Otherwise, the subsequent works will be more difficult. Whether lashing  forwood, general cargo, cars or even container, we can provide you with optimal lashing plan through accurate calculation, which includes the follows:


  • Optimal lashing plans with consideration of economization and security.
  •  Arrangement of fixed fittings.
  • Designing of steel structure including lashing bridge, cell guide and stanchion.
  • Providing proposal of container arrangement based on lashing plan. 
  • Providing data of force on the hull loaded by the containers.

Our technical team will provide force analysis and design of container support structure and operation platform at the request of customers and class rules. They cover cell guide in hold (including fixed and removable ones), cell guide on deck, lashing bridge, the fixed and removable support, lashing platform and stanchion.
All designs will be carried out according to class rules. We will determine basic structure at customers’ request and then confirm the final dimensions through force analysis. By this way, the design should be the optimal one with less weight and better craft.


Time of issue:2018-01-25 00:00:00


The software of ship classification society can only use for approval of lashing plan, but not external securing, horizontal securing and mixture of 20’ container and 40’ containers on the deck etc. Besides most of the softwares cannot calculate the bearing capacity of the container stowage and securing in hold.
Our software can provide solution to the above-mentioned problems. It includes the specifications and lashing methods of all major ship classification society. It can calculate the optimal lashing quantity according to stowage and lashing method, and the optimal stack weight and weight distribution based on lashing method and quantity.
The software is developed for lashings, aiming to improve the safety of container transportation.






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The conventional lashing plan can not meet the requirement on both tiers and stacking weight on deck or hatch cover of super container vessels which usually have more than 6 tiers. Therefore, lashing bridges were introduced to settle it down. The 40 feet or 45 feet containers can be secured from second tiers or even higher tiers to meet requirement of stacking weight. Meanwhile, more heavy containers can be stacked onto higher tiers.

Lashing bridges are normally installed onto the deck between hatch covers. It will be not economical to load the 45 feet containers to tiers lower than third one which will elongate the longitudinal distance lashing bridges and hatch covers. Therefore, the containers with length more than 45 feet will be stacked onto those tiers higher than lashing bridge.





Time of issue:2018-01-25 00:00:00


Container stanchions are normally installed on left and right board sides to support containers. Their structures will be different when other forms of cargos like timbers are charged.
The most reasonable structures and dimensions will be designed with finite element analysis based on the forces loaded from the cargos.



Time of issue:2018-01-25 00:00:00


The cell guides on container ships generally include cell guide in hold and cell guide on deck. Meanwhile, the cell guides in hold include fixed cell guide and removable cell guide.
The fixed cell guides are widely applied onto the container ships carrying 40 feet containers in hold.
The removable ones will be applied while the cell guides in hold need to be adjusted to load different sizes of containers .
Removable cell guides is necessary on the multi-purpose ship and can be removed to load other forms of cargos.
Usage of removable cell guide makes it possible to load 40 feet containers with different height without additional lashing gears. Furthermore, it can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading containers.

The deck cell guides are usually installed on the rear deck to insure the maximum stacking weight due to bigger acceleration and higher tiers on the rear. The height of the cell guide is normal higher than height of  three containers.
Cell guides will improve the stacking weight, transportation capacity of vessel, speed of loading and unloading containers and efficiency.



Time of issue:2018-01-25 00:00:00


It is not good for multi-purpose ships to carry containers due to great change of forward/after hold moulded line. Meanwhile, installation of platform will affect loading of other forms of cargos. The removable brackets are introduced for purpose of loading other cargos. They can be removed  to spare space when no containers is charged.




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