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Compiling National Standard of China

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Compiling National Standard of China(SAC/TC6/WG1)

Kunshan Lucky Sea Industrial Co.,ltd had involved in compiling national standard 《Marine Container Securing Equipment》 ((GB/T11577-1989),《Marine Container Lashing Equipment》.
In year 2005, as the main writer, drafted and compiled national standard 《Marine Container Supporting Equipment》(GB/T19920-2005).
On June 6th,2008, approved by GB Committee to be National Container Standardized Technology Committee Marine Container Lashing & Securing Equipment Working Group(SAC/TC6/WG1) and Secretariat Preparation Units.
In year 2009,invited by China Shipping 708 Institute to be the sole writer to draft and amend national 《Marine Container Securing Equipment》(GB/T11577-2010),which approved by January 2011 and announced by July 1st.

In year 2011, invited by China Classification Society involved the establishment and review for China Classification Society Inland River Ships Container Securing Manual Guide. “Lucky Sea” product models were listed in the guide.

 On April 21 th -22 th,2011 and May 19th - 20th,2011, as the main compile unit,was invited to take part in Establishment of Shipping Outfitting International Standards Symposium and Shipping Outfitting International Standard Review Meeting, 

which jointly held by International Standardized Organization Ships & Ocean Technology Committee Outfitting & Deck Machinery Sub- Technology Committee (Referred to: SAC/TC8/SC4, below as the same) and National Shipping Outfitting Standardized Technical Committee (Referred to: SAC/TC129)Initial indentified by Kunshan Lucky Sea Industrial Co.,ltd as the sole writer to draft and establish international standard of《Marine Container Securing System Device Technology Condition》.
On May 27th,2011,invited to take part in Shanghai Seventh Annual Meeting of ISO/TC8/SC4, discussed and approved 13 items international standard system amendments including《Marine Container Securing System Device Technology Condition》.
Longitudinal view of the strategic implementation of standardization process, the company has always firmly uphold the principle of “Standard First, Emergencies First, Application Foremost, Meet Market Demand”, and base on enterprise technical standard, actively involved in standardization activities, step by step to implement the standardization strategy, make performance every year, try to control the establishment right of industry’s technical standard.
Through implementation of standardization strategy, achieve the maximum profits, recover technical research and development cost, firmly grasp the dominant right of professional technical development and standard establishment, and meantime lead the industry in standa-rdization.


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